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Belizean Children For
Better School Infrastructure

Our Mission

Education is considered a luxury in Belize that only few families can afford. It costs an average of $275.00 USD per year for one child to attend public high school there, an often-insurmountable fee in a country where the average annual income for one adult is $13,000 USD. The cost of education is one of the main reasons children do not attend school. In a country where poverty runs rampant, education is another cost for them to have to bear. Young men and women can attend high school and become outstanding scholars and still be denied their diplomas if their school fees are not satisfied. While visiting high schools in Belize City we saw a stack of diplomas that were awaiting the hands of the children whom they belonged to. We knew that moment we had to make a change.

Gang violence disrupts the neighborhoods and communities in Belize City frequently. It is important that all citizens have the resources available to allow opportunity and improve their lives. We are aiming to add value to Belizean people by giving free seminars/workshops to teach them entrepreneurship and the skills it takes to become a business owner. We want to give people a way out, teach them how to break the cycle of repeated behavior and provide direction that will guarantee they can have a successful future. In turn, they will be able to teach and lead others in their community. Our focus is to provide educational resources as well as facilitate workshops to provide free knowledge

Beauty in Belize, Inc. is dedicated to working hard to ensure every child feels safe and has the proper resources to be educated. It is paramount that every child has a chance to succeed, as the children worldwide are our future.

High School Diplomas – Excelsior High School

Excelsior High School, Belize City
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